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The L209 LAARK (Light Anti-Armor RocKet) is a rocket launcher that was originally designed for use against Russian armored divisions. This rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, and exclusive in Resistance: Fall of Man and first obtain in Bracknell - "In a Darker Place". After starting the level, the LAARK is in the center of the first room that is navigated.

The LAARK fires lethal explosive rockets that can kill most enemies in one hit, but can only carry four rockets (two per mag). The alternate fire is an air-brake which will stop the rocket in mid-air and release smaller rockets (using this method can kill any weaker enemy using only one LAARK shot).


Single Player

  • The L209 LAARK is effective against Stalkers, Titans, and Widowmakers.
  • After shooting a rocket, it can be speed up with the R1 Button. If hit correctly it can be used to kill Angels in a single shot.
  • The LAARK is useful for dispatching groups of Advanced Hybrids.


  • The LAARK is a very potential weapon and can instantly kill an enemy. The player make sure there is always plenty of room between themselves and the opposition otherwise of being caught up in the blast radius.
  • If someone is hiding behind some scenery, or around a corner, fire a rocket and use the Air Brake to stop it next to them. Press and hold Fire again and mini-shells will come out of the rocket and home into nearby enemies.


The L209 LAARK (Light Anti-Armor Rocket) was originally designed for use against Russian armored divisions. Since the Chimeran invasion it has been successful against the Stalker and other heavy vehicles. Once fired, LAARK rockets are capable of user-guided maneuverability. Holding L1 will slow down the rocket, allowing it to be re-oriented in flight. Aiming the reticle at any desired target will steer the rocket in the designated direction. The Higher the pressure on the L1, the slower the rocket will go. Holding R1 after firing will release auto-guided submunitions.



  • The LAARK is similar to the Devastator from Ratchet & Clank.