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The L11-2 Dragon is a flamethrower. The Dragon only appears and becomes available in the second playthrough of Resistance: Fall of Man, in Bristol - "Devil at the Door". Shortly after the first checkpoint is reached, take the left-hand path and after crossing Radial Mines, the Dragon is inside a room on the left-hand side of a small bunker at the end of the passage.

The Dragon fires a stream of fire in its primary fire and produces a vapor cloud, consuming 45 fuel units from the chemical fuel drive, that creates a huge cloud of fire that settles on whichever surface it lands. It also has an extreme range and if enemies run into it, and if weaker enemies walk into it, they'll most certainly be burnt to a cinder.


Single Player

  • Though the Dragon cannot be used for long range damage, its advantage is that it can set enemies on fire. The weapon is perfect for taking out hordes of Leapers, Rollers, or Menials as its flames engulf its targets even after the initial blast.
    • On that note, enemies that rush the player like the Grey Jack and Howler are also vulnerable to its attacks.
  • The Chimera are very weak to fire, using the Dragon's primary fire is an effective way to wipe them out at short range.
  • The Dragon is capable of destroying Leaper Pods.


  • The L11-2 Dragon is fire based weapon which mirrors its offline counterpart exactly, other than a slightly lower amount of ammunition. It has varying levels of effectiveness as it depends who the weapon is used against.
  • The vapor cloud can instantly kill any opponent that touches the fire generated when at full capacity and its long range also makes it a good weapon for surprise attacks. The vapor cloud can also be used as a trap based weapon for this reason.
  • Chimera-based players are extremely vulnerable to the Dragon, given the Chimera's high metabolism and vulnerability to heat, and will overheat and take heavy damages.


The L11-2 Dragon is an excellent weapon for attacking dug-in Chimeran positions. Its short range is overcome by its ability to damage numerous targets simultaneously with a single sweep. Pressing R1 releases an atomized chemical agent which is catalyzed to produce a jet of caustic vapor. Holding L1 develops a cloud of uncatalyzed vapor. Releasing L1 will catalyze and launch the cloud. This is useful for area-denial as the cloud remains deadly until its chemical reaction is completely exhausted.


  • The Dragon is also revealed to have been the weapon of choice for three Sentinels during the events of Resistance: The Gathering Storm; however, two of those Sentinels are confirmed to have been killed while using the Dragon. Since the L11-2 Dragon is manufactured and produced by the British, it was presumably shared with America in the intelligence sharing program spearheaded by President Harvey McCullen, which also gave America the Fareye.
  • If players set the damage counter to 10% in a competitive match, the L11-2 Dragon deals no damage.
  • The Dragon seems to be a successor to the Cryogun in Resistance 3