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Keith Todd Oster was an American soldier and a Project Abraham test subject.


Oster was noted for being overtly and fervently patriotic. His patriotism, however, was shrouded with deep violence as his past actions as a soldier involved violently breaking up protest gatherings against the Noah Grace administration. The possible reason for Oster's violent streak was so that he could find a way to channel his dominance over individuals he considered to be weak and inferior to himself. It is also suggested that Oster's history of violence was due to being physically abused as a child by his father.

On January 29th, 1949, Oster participated in arresting dozens of dissenters with "necessary force" at a protest rally in Tallahassee, Florida. Oster brutally bludgeoned a dissenter named Elden Stockmeyer after being greatly infuriated and offended by the protester's conspiracy beliefs before Floridian law enforcers restrained Oster. Elden came out of the beating with an irreparable broken jaw and minor brain damage and was sent to intensive care. Oster was never reprimanded for his assault as his commanding officer considered the incident as a necessary action against a "clear and present threat to national security."

Oster was drafted into Project Abraham on October 20th, 1950. He soon became greatly distressed when he learned of the project's purpose, and went far to try bargaining his way out of the program but only to fell on deaf ears. Oster's psychiatrist, Dr. Cassandra Aklin, sympathized with Oster's dire situation when he was about to be chosen for the project's experiment, and lied to him by telling him that she was responsible for his selection in an attempt to calm him down. This only caused Oster to swell with distress, however, and he developed a pure hatred toward Aklin (who he thought did not care about him) and everyone in the project. Gradually, Oster grew to care less and less about the other subjects as the project went on.

On November 20th, Oster was chosen as the third subject to be injected with a vaccine developed to be resistant to the Chimeran virus. However, he violently refused to be injected and attacked an orderly, attempting to stab him with a hypodermic needle. A soldier on guard was then forced to shoot and kill Oster in self-defense.