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John Harper is a character in Resistance 3. He is playable character in co-operative mode.


During the chaos of the Chimera's invasion of the United States, John Harper became separated from his family. He searched for them, but but his efforts proved fruitless, and the subsequent fall of the United States forced Harper to abandon his search.

By 1957, having mostly given up his search, Harper instead wandered around the country. Settling in the town of Haven, Oklahoma, he became an entrusted member of the town, devoting most of his time in helping the townspeople and ensuring the safety and stability of the town. This endeared him to most of the town, with many placing their faith in him. Additionally, his dedication earned him the trust of Joseph Capelli, who eventually grew to love him as a brother.

Sometime during this period, Harper finally found his family, who had been killed outside of Tulsa.[1] Capelli consoled Harper, affirming that he is a a member of Haven, and by extension, the Capelli family.

By the time Dr. Fyodor Malikov came to Haven and recruited Capelli to finally stop the Chimera, Harper voluntarily joined in their mission.


  • John Harper only exist in the co-op campaign and a multiplayer character in Resistance 3.
  • He is the only named co-op character in the series.
  • If he is downed and out of harms reach then he will bleed out in 30 seconds before dying.
  • A coloured outline will reflect how much health he has: Green for 50% or more health, yellow if his health drops below 50%, orange if it drops further to below 25% and red for downed.
  • It is possible for Player 1 to play as John Harper if offline and Player 2 presses start to access the main menu.