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"Don't let those bastards tag you!"
Marvin Kawecki's words of advice before Jasper is tagged and killed.[src]

Private Jim Jasper was a Sentinel appears in Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

Little is known about Jasper except that he was relatively militarily inexperienced. He was on an intelligence gathering mission with 2nd Lieutenant Nathan Hale and Sergeant Marvin Kawecki outside Huron, South Dakota. He and his small unit were planning to be extracted but only to be were ambushed by a Burrower carrying Hybrid forces. Jasper was killed when a Bullseye tag hit him, followed by twelve projectiles which circled above his head for a moment then slammed into him and tore him apart. Hale and Kawecki stripped Jasper's mangled body for ammunition and his dog tags, after which Hale used a thermite grenade to incinerating the corpse (which essentially cremated Jasper) from allowing his body from being used as biological resources by the Chimera as according to military procedures.


  • Pvt. Jasper might be considered to be a "redshirt", seeing as he is only appeared in the very beginning of Resistance: The Gathering Storm to be killed.