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Jensen was a British soldier during the events of Resistance: Fall of Man.

Sometime before the Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom, Jensen learned some basic Russian, this would come in handy during his time in Grimsby.

Having been captured by Chimeran forces on June 22nd, 1951, Jensen and a fellow soldier were placed into a cell in the Conversion Center in Grimsby. Across from their cell were a group of captured Cloven, who kept screaming Russian relentlessly. Annoyed by their screams, both Jensen and the other soldier in the cell theorized that the Cloven were used as Slipskulls, with both men hoping that the Cloven would be infected before they would.

Several hours later, with little signs of stopping, Jensen is able to translate a single phrase: "angry night" from the Cloven. Not understanding the Cloven, both men dismiss the Cloven as insane. Eventually, as the menials finally arrive, the Chimeran laborer's begin the process of infecting the Cloven, however, both British soldiers observed that the Cloven were unwilling to be infected and instead chewed the veins out of their wrists.

It was unknown what happened to Jensen and the other soldier after this. However, as both men had been locked in cells, it was quite likely that they were eventually infected and transformed into a Chimeran creature.

He is only mentioned in the Intel Document "Conversion".