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SRPA Intelligence Report
Special Forces Operational Detachment Specter has made a critical discovery at
Chimeran tower Alpha-3 in Chicago. Specter Team recovered an as yet uncategorized
technology component from an enemy battalion. A series of tests has been conducted
at SRPA 3, resulting in the unequivocal conclusion that this piece of technology is
neither human nor Chimeran in origin. Dr. Willard Libby of SRPA 5 has developed a
method known as radiocarbon dating which by he has concluded that this component
is over 60 million years old.
While the discovery of this component offers the hope of a rapid advancement in our
own technologies, there is also cause for greater concern. Specter Team reported that
the Chimera fiercely guarded and defended the object, suggesting that they may
understand more of its significance than do we. SRPA's senior Chimeran technology
researchers believe that this object was once part of a much larger piece of
machinery - quite likely a weapon. It is our fear that the Chimera are actively trying to
reconstruct the original machine in full. The search for and recovery of these
components is now a top priority.