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SRPA Medical Research Journal

Gamma series of viral inhibitors yielding improved results over Beta. 70% of soldiers
inoculated with Gamma series survived at least 72 hours beyond point of infection.
Less than 10% experienced extreme forms of psychosis or dementia. Gamma series
does not appear to affect neural transmitters to same extent as Alpha series. Do not
expect it to yield long term negative psychological effects exhibited by "Cloven".

Have begun administering Gamma series Stage One to Project Abraham subject JS.
His physiology continues to transform at an accelerating rate. The pure Chimeran
genes we injected him with have recombined in ways I did not anticipate. The genetic
code for these creatures is far more complex than I originally understood. Some of
their DNA appears as if it were actually designed to attack and recombine with human
genes. The second subject, NH, is showing no negative signs as a result of the
injection. It is possible that immune system has entirely destroyed the pure Chimeran
DNA strands. However, it may also be merely dormant and could be reinvigorated if
the subject is exposed to a strain of the Chimeran virus.