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SRPA Medical Research Journal

Subject JS is scheduled for transfer to Station Igloo in Iceland. Subject was deemed too
dangerous for security provisions at this location. Subject has been reclassified as a
category four enemy prisoner and has been assigned code name “Daedalus”. This
timing is most unfortunate as I have recently begun to learn much more from him than
I anticipated.

The subject - Daedalus - no longer appears capable of audible speech, but he is able to
communicate inaudibly with other infected subjects. Several other subjects have
reported hearing him "speak" at distances up to 800 feet. I have been able to use his
strange ability to my advantage to interrogate him by proxy. From what I have learned
he somehow has knowledge of the purpose and origins of the Chimeran towers that I
previously had only guessed at. If Daedalus can be trusted and if this knowledge is
accurate, these towers are in fact many millions of years old. Their original purpose
was never fulfilled, and Daedalus is unwilling or unable to explain precisely what they
were intended for.

I have, however, been able to extract one further clue about the origins of the Chimera.
According to Daedalus, the Chimeran viral strains were borne upon some form of
meteoroid. This corresponds precisely with my personal findings that have traced the
origin back to the Tunguska area shortly after the turn of the century. What I find most
puzzling, however, is how the viral strains could have been so precisely formed to
attack the human genome when they were extra terrestrial in origin. This is a subject
that Daedalus refuses to discuss at all. I will continue to conduct these interrogations,
but I am afraid I will get little more information before the subject is transferred.