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This intel can only be unlocked by playing Resistance Retribution in 'Infected' mode. It is required to go into areas that you can only enter when infected to find these documents, and they deal about James Grayson's work for the SRPA and David LaSalle most of the time. As such, you can find a lot of information on Gray Tech in them. As infected mode is non canon, it can be assumed that most of the events mentioned in the infected intel involving Grayson and SRPA do not happen, although some of the facts such as about Gray Tech could be considered true.

A list of the infected intel:


1. Are We Soldiers or Archaeologists?

2. 'Strange' is a Relative Term

3. Yanks aren't Talking

4. The Yanks' Dirty Work


1. Too Big to Carry

2. We're Not Alone

3. Alien Erosion

4. Sirens or Furies

5. Power of the Atom

Construction Zone[]

1. Screaming Roger Cosby

2. Buried Secrets


1. A Stink that Just Won't Quit

2. Gray Skies

3. Wild Kingdom

4. Super Sub-Human

5. Chink in the Armour

Paris Catacombs[]

1. Treasure Trove

2. Alien Blood Diamonds

3. How Long Have These Been Here?

4. Dark Mirror

Chrysalis Lair[]

1. Bastard or a Saint, I don't know