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India Eight-Two was a VTOL pilot.

Shortly after the Battle of London, he along with Victor Company picked up the wandering Sgt. Nathan Hale in the outskirts of the city. Sedating the Sergeant, India Eight-Two headed straight to Iceland to monitor Hale's infection and induct him into the Sentinel Program.

However, shortly after arriving in Iceland, India Eight-Two was ambushed by Chimeran forces seeking to recover Daedalus from his cell. With Goliaths targeting his VTOL, India Eight-Two requested permission to land and in the midst of doing so, Victor One was killed when flak threw him out the VTOL. Unable to land, India Eight-Two was shot down soon after, but not before most their crew bailed out. However, he was not so lucky and died when his VTOL crashed.


  • India Eight-Two is an Easter Egg because his name means "Resistance 2", in military terms India stands for "I" and of course Eight ( 8 ) Two(2) and Resistance: Fall of Man was originally codenamed I-8, hence when Resistance 2 (the sequel) came along it would have been named Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (I-8-2 = India Eight-Two).
    • Also India Eight-Two shares his name with the first chapter of Resistance 2, for exactly the same reason as above. That I-8-2 means I-8's (Resistance: Fall of Man) sequel.