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The Impaler is a large, hulking beast that appears only in Resistance: Burning Skies.


The Impalers were the results of a Project Phoenix experiment. They were created by Richard Gorrell. It would appear that all tests failed as several Impalers can be found throughout California in 1951.


The Impaler stands high on two legs, appears to have a long dagger-like arm for its right arm. It has four hoof-like toes with bulky legs and muscles its left arm has a projectile on the top and three fingers. It has a great stature with a ferocious face with horns on top of its head. It also has two heat stacks on its back.

It appears at the end of the third level in George Washington Bridge where Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez trying to escape before the pair of F-86 Sabres attempt a bomb strike to destroy the bridge.


  • The Mauler can be very useful against Impalers. It is suggested that you use the Mauler's secondary fire to stun the Impaler, and then use its primary fire to quickly destroy the heat stacks on its back.


I hope you never run into an Impaler, but if you do, run

like hell! If that doesn't work, try this. they're BIG, taller than you are, and can punch a hole in you
quicker than anything.

Use massed fire or a head-shot to stun the bastard--then
aim for the heat stacks on its back. Once they blow the
battle will be over. It worked for our cell even through
we lost two guys in the fight.

It's easier said than done though. So don't pick a fight
with an Impaler. The name says it all.

Never give up, and never give in.

- Red Ryder