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Flag of Iceland.

Iceland is a country in the Northern-Atlantic Ocean, with its capital of Reykjavík.

Resistance 2[]

In July 15th, 1951, Iceland was invaded by the Chimera, and all retaliatory attempts by SRPA and the Icelandic military failed with VTOL and F-86 Sabres aircraft and M-12 Sabertooth main battle tank ground support being unmatched for Goliaths and Stalkers. It is during this invasion that Daedalus escaped from his confines in SRPA Station Igloo. During the evacuation, Sergeant Nathan Hale and Major Richard Blake survived from being shot down by one of the Goliaths which later destroyed by Nathan Hale with his L210 LAARK. Sometime during the Iceland's occupation that a Chimeran Tower was unearthed in Holar, known as the Holar Tower.

Two years later on May 17th, 1953, SRPA launched an attack on the Holar Tower in an attempt to assassinate Daedalus. However, the attack backfired, resulting in the loss of two Sentinels, Aaron Hawthorne and Benjamin Warner, a large portion of SRPA's Black Ops soldiers, and by extension the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter.

Resistance 2 Co-Op[]

In June 14th, SRPA intelligence confirmed from recent reconnaissance reports over Holar, Iceland that Daedalus was indeed constructing the doomsday weapon known as "Prometheus Weapon" at the Holar Tower due to the large concentration of Chimeran forces in Iceland. SRPA immediately launch the Operation Wrath of God and dispatched Specter Team in seizing the Gray Tech components before the Chimera could make any progress toward building the weapon.

By June 17, The Chimera had sending Primarchs and Overseers into Holar, Iceland. It is clear from the recovered gray tech components that Daedalus was indeed using this location for the construction of the Prometheus Weapon. Recovery of all remaining gray tech components at the location is now our top priority. This may give our researchers at SRPA 11 the final pieces they need to solve the mystery of the Prometheus Weapon.

By June 21, Specter Team inflicted elite command The Chimeran command forces are in disarray throughout Iceland. Daedalus appears to have abandoned pursuit of the Prometheus Weapon. His flagship was spotted moving south on a trajectory that intersects Chicxulub crater. Specter Team has delivered a stinging defeat to Daedalus, and has delayed the Chimeran plans at the Chicxulub crater. Prometheus Weapon have afforded us the time we need to complete our prototype fission bomb at SRPA NT. Sentinel Lieutenant Nathan Hale and Corporal Joseph Capelli of Operation Black Eden is ready to execute. Major Blake is transporting the Fission Bomb to a field camp set up inside Louisiana. From there our fate will lie in the hands of the men who make it onto the enemy flagship. General MacArthur has announced he will award each member of Specter Team the Silver Star for their bravery and selflessness in defense of their country.


  • The map of Iceland was shown during the intro scene of R:FoM.