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The Hunter is a Chimeran rifle that appears in Resistance: Burning Skies. It fires semi-automatic bursts of controlled energy. It was quickly abandoned by the Chimera for unknown reasons. However, Humans have managed to reverse-engineer it to produce their own variant, which continues to be developed on.


The Hunter is issued to elite Chimeran Hybrids, as the weapons energy density per shot is much greater than that of a standard Bullseye rifle it serves as a fast way to eliminate hostiles. Its secondary fire is to launch a small drone, in what ever direction, which is able to fire upon hostiles. As the nature of this weapon is to pick hostiles off in a quick and clean way, the purpose of the drone is to drive targets out from cover to deliver the killing strike.

This weapon was brought in to replace the now commonly seen Marksman rifle from Resistance 2 and Resistance 3. As the two weapons both serve with almost identical function, the Hunter was introduced as part of a new variety of weapons to be expected in Resistance Burning Skies.


  • Improved Drone - Drone attacks more frequently.
  • Stabilizer - Less recoil.
  • Scope Speed - In/out of scope time shorter.
  • Burst Count - More bullets per burst.
  • Extended Clip - Clip capacity increased.
  • Drone Life - Drones last longer.


  • The Hunter's secondary fire sends a single drone out onto the battlefield. It can be very useful in various cases, such as when the player is regenerating health and needs some backup.


Hey everybody, Frank again... You want something
that'll take a stink down and keep 'em down? Hell yes
you do... And we got it. We call it the "Hunter"
because we use it to hunt stinks, which is kinda ironic,
since that's where we get 'em. From the six-eyed

It's a nice little rifle with penetrating rounds. Oh, and
get a load of this... It has a secondary mode. You can
fire a drone thing out of where the stinks are hiding
and it'll give em' one hell of a jolt - it can waste the
bastards in cover if you use it right.

And there ain't nothin' I like better than that!

Never give up, and never give up.
- Frank

Touch and Hold the touchscreen to launch a Hunter

Steer the drone by touching left or right on the



  • In early previews, the Hunter was previous;y referred to as the "Automator" or the "C.F.G." (Cluster Fire Gun).
  • The Hunter is a Chimeran equivalent of the Marksman rifle.