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Human Beings or Humans or Man (Latin: Homo sapiens, meaning 'Wise Man') are a sentient species of the Genus Homo and part of the Ape family. They were the first species of animal to develop advanced methods of living on their home planet of Earth (or second or third, seeing as how the Chimera claim to have inhabited the Earth about 60 million years ago, along with another unnamed race who they were at war with). Fossil records date Human existence at about 200,000 years.



Homo sapiens appears about 200,000 BC, in the Middle Paleolithic. Over the next 150,000 years, by the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic 50,000 years ago, full behavioral modernity, including language, music and other cultural universals develop. The out of Africa migration is estimated to have occurred about 70,000 years ago. Modern humans subsequently spread to all continents, replacing earlier hominids: they inhabited Eurasia and Oceania by 40,000 BP, and the Americas at least 14,500 years ago. They displaced Homo neanderthalensis and other species descended from Homo erectus (which had inhabited Eurasia as early as 2 million years ago) through more successful reproduction and competition for resources.

Early 20th century[]

The 18th through the early 20th centuries were times of drastic change for countries known as the "Industrial Revolution". As an unintended result of major political and economic ramifications due to the rise of constitutional governments and refined capitalist resource management techniques, important inventions such as the automobile, electrical devices like the radio, and aircraft went into widespread use at previously unheard of rates for human innovations. Revolutionary progress in humanity's understanding of medicine and chemistry was also being made during this era of turning points.

Furthermore, after the end of the Great War, humanity had progressed through three decades of peace, prosperity, and preemptive technological progress.

Chimeran War[]

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By the early 1950's the human race was suddenly at war with the Chimera. Humanity initially at the time were surprised by the appearance of the Chimera, and had thought that they were Russian biological experiment went wrong. However, it was eventually revealed that the Chimera were of extraterrestrial origins, and that the species predated humankind and had lived on Earth. Throughout the war, it became a struggle for the survival of the human race, as the Chimera cares nothing more but the complete dominance and eradication of humanity. By mid-1953, humanity suffered a fatal blow when the Chimera, led by Daedalus, completely excavated and activated the Chimeran tower network, and apparently teleporting Earth to another part of space.

By 1957, about 90% of the population of the human race were killed from the war as the Chimera were able to become the dominating race on the planet. Eventually however, thanks to the efforts of former Sentinel Joseph Capelli and Remnant leader Charlie Tent, the Chimera were dealt with the most devastating blow to their infrastructure and were finally eradicated from Earth with humanity finally beginning to rebuild.