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"Brewster was a beast, and he lived in a cave."
―A Fitting Analogy[src]

Hiram Brewster was a prison warden of a maximum security prison in Canon City, Colorado and later escaped from the city after it was overrun by the Chimera, and settled in the Lucky Buckle Mine outside of Idaho Springs.

A very corrupted man, Brewster along with the prison guards who fled with him raped and sexually harassed the female prisoners and made them work long hours to mine valuable minerals.

Brewster was a very selfish man, putting his own life before many other's, when Tunnel Three collapsed in May, 1953, Brewster chose to let all the survivors starve to death rather than invest the time and energy necessary to repair the elevator.

He even kept a prisoner named Corly Posner to himself, to which he should rape and assault whenever he felt like it, once Corly became pregnant, Brewster disowned her and started looking another woman in which he founded Susan Farley. When she later came to his personal office, he tried to rape her but only to be subdued when she attacked his genitals. Brewster attempted to retaliate, but Susan took the quick opportunity in arming herself with Brewster's Colt. 45 from his desk and shot him in the head, killing him.