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"There is blood on my hands. But we all do what we have to in order to survive"
―Herbert Sawicki[src]

Herbert Sawicki is a human refugee enslaved by the Wardens.


Prior to the Chimeran invasion Herbert appears to be an intellectual with some knowlege on Chimeran technology and biology. After the Chimera overran the United States, Herbert sought shelter at Graterford Prison for safety but instead became a lackey for the Wardens' leader Mick Cutler. For over three years Herbert was forced to work as a technician for the Wardens, such as reprogramming captured Chimeran security drones in keeping the prison undetected from the Chimera, while continuously suffer the abuses from his handlers and unwillingly to participate in their atrocities.

Resistance 3[]

After Joseph Capelli was captured by the Wardens, Herbert watches him defending himself and eventually survived in Graterford's arena. He would later find Dr. Fyodor Malikov's journal and become greatly interested in the scientist's deep research on the Chimera. Mixed with his interest in Malikov's work and Capelli's action, Herbert finally decided he had enough of Mick and devise a plan with Capelli to escape the prison. He provided Capelli a Mutator that he created and instructed him to disable the security drones in order to alert the Chimera forces to the prison. As Capelli fought the Wardens and disabled the drones, Herbert freed the other captives. As they attempt to disable the last drone, they are discovered by Mick, who learned of their attempt, and secured the drone to the arena. While Capelli goes after the drone, Herbert hides while the Chimeran military attacks the prison. He and the prisoners escaped with Capelli before the prison is completely overrun by the Chimera attack force. Herbert was grateful for Capelli's help and offered something to him in gratitude; however, Capelli only told Herbert and the prisoners to take care of each other before departing on their separate ways.

His fate afterwords is unknown but he remains alive, although he would continue to follow and study on Malikov's research in learning more about the Chimera and finding a way to defeat them; in which he soon concluded from Malikov's studies that the "Pure Chimera" are strongly believed to be the masterminds behind the invasion, and much later focusing a keen interests on the Grey Tech artifacts.[1]



  • Herbert serves as the narrator of the latter Malikov Journals following Dr. Malikov's death.
  • It is possible that, given his knowledge on Chimera, Herbert was formally a SRPA scientist.