The Hedgehog Grenade is the standard Chimeran hand-held anti-personnel explosive.

Hedgehog Grenade

A Hedgehog Grenade about to explode and kill several Grims.

The hedgehog grenade when thrown will hover upwards into the sky at about man's height then fire all it's needles in every direction impaling nearby enemies to the ground and walls, potentially killing reckless users. More effective than fragmentation grenades as it will explode in mid-air instead of on the ground. In multiplayer the hedgehog grenade will take longer to go off.

Resistance: Fall of Man

The Hedgehog Grenade is acquired during the first playthrough in Grimsby - "Fate Worse Than Death". It is also employed by the Chimera as a landmine in some parts of the game.

Resistance 2

Chimera 8 420 317

The Hedgehog Grenade in Resistance 2.

"The Hedgehog Grenade is a Chimeran anti-personnel munition. It is thrown like an ordinary hand grenade. Upon landing it springs up and expands into a spiny cluster. At its "kill height", the Hedgehog fires spines in all directions with enough force to pin targets against nearby walls. The effect is especially deadly in confined quarters."
―Intel on the Hedgehog from both Fall of Man and Resistance 2[src]

The Hedgehog Grenade retains the same features.


In Co-op, it is the starting grenade for the Medic.

Resistance 3

W - Hedgehog

The Hedgehog Grenade in Resistance 3

The Hedgehog Grenade possess the similar anti-personnel functions, but also has the ability of becoming a mine trap after landing, similar to the mines from Resistance: Fall of Man, staying in the ground until it is triggered by a nearby enemy.


Lob a Chimeran anti-personnel grenade. When it lands, the Hedgehog becomes a mine trap, staying in the ground until it is triggered by a nearby enemy.

Resistance: Burning Skies


The Hedgehog grenade in Resistance: Burning Skies.

The Hedgehog Grenade is the second (and last) grenade obtained in the single player campaign of Burning Skies. It is first aquired in the level Military Ocean Terminal, where Tom Riley assisted U.S. soldiers in repelling Chimeran forces.


Things that go boom... Yeah, that's right, this is Norm

with another "things that go boom" bulletin.

The "Hedgehog Grenade" is a Chimeran anti-personnel
weapon - throw it like an ordinary hand grenade. But
once it lands the Hedgehog springs up and expands into
a cluster of spines. As it detonates the Hedgehog fires
its spines in all directions - these things'll shred
through the thickest armor! And they're extremely
lethal in confined spaces--so aviod using them in
situations where people could be harmed.

Remember, if you find something that goes boom be sure
to let me know.

Never give up, and never give in.
- Norm

Tap the Hedgehog Icon to Quick Throw at the reticle, or
drag the Hedgehog Icon to your target and lift for
Targeted Throw.


  • In Resistance 2's Competitive mode a player, if close enough to a Hedgehog Grenade will explode, sending blood and guts onto the nearby walls.