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Haven seen on Main Street.

Haven is a small town community in Oklahoma that endured the Chimera occupation and was the home of Joseph Capelli and his family Susan and Jack.


By 1957, Haven was spared from the Chimera's genocidal onslaught, as its surviving residents stayed hidden and avoided contact with the Chimera, by living underneath the town.[1] However, in August, the town was discovered, and the Chimera dispatched a large contingent force, along with a Terraformer, upon Haven. Capelli and the defending residents initiated a defensive operation, which allowed Haven's population to be evacuated. Ultimately, the town was completely obliterated by the Terraformer.


Haven's population live in a network of underground tunnels dug beneath the town. These tunnels are connected to several abandoned buildings.

Haven's firing range aiming dummy.

There is a small firing range where the townspeople practice their firing skills, and in addition, Chimeran killing tactics, such as where the weak spots are. It is also where the player receives their first two weapons, the Bullseye and the HE .44 Magnum. During the Resistance 3 campaign, as a second task, the player has to practice their shooting, such as using the primary and secondary fire, and the ability to destroy shields with an EMP Grenade. Also, the player will get aware of how to switch weapons and use the weapon wheel.


Haven is located 20 miles east of Blackwell, which means that it also resides in Kay County in Northern Oklahoma and is located near Kaw Lake. Another surviving community of Pop-Up is located about 4 miles west of Haven.

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  • A person that lives in Haven is known as a Havenite by Resistance 3's subtitles.
  • Throughout Haven there are many abandoned vehicles such as tractors, cars and even the wreckage of a Stalker and several Spire Missiles, indicating that Haven has been attacked before by the Chimera.