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1st Lieutenant Harley Purvis was the pilot of a VTOL named the Party Girl.

Purvis might have grown up in New York City due to his support of the New York Yankees. Before the Invasion of the United States, Purvis had attended flight school at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he earned the nickname "Hollywood". During the invasion, 1st Lieutenant Purvis was working for SRPA where he operated as a VTOL Pilot from SRPA 6 in Valentine, Nebraska. At SRPA 6, Purvis became good friends with 2nd Lieutenant Nathan Hale of Echo Team possibly due to being assigned as the Sentinel Team's pilot. On November 18th, 1951, Purvis went against SRPA regulations and helped transport Hale travel to and from South Dakota in order to visit latter's former home and discover the fate of his family. Due to this, Purvis was held accountable by SRPA for aiding Hale and punished by his commanding officer, on the behalf of Maj. Richard Blake. Purvis later participated in Operation Iron Hand in which he extracted Echo Team from a Chimeran facility.

Purvis played an important behind-the-scenes role in Grace's Governments attempt to apprehend the Secretary of War Henry Walker whom had fled the cabinet with secret documents. Purvis aided the attempted capture by transporting Echo Team to Chicago and later dropping Hale in Montana in infiltrating a Freedom First training camp. On December 21st, Purvis was part of Strike Force Zebra during the Battle of Hasbro Mining Pit, a rescue operation where SRPA liberated a mining pit that was being used as a prison camp/Conversion Center complex by the Chimera. Thereafter he brought Hale to Sheridan, Wyoming where the negotiations between President Noah Grace and Daedalus was taking place.


Harley Purvis appears as a friendly person who likes to play poker and usually jokes around with Nathan Hale. Purvis' friendly personality can cause fault with his senior officers as he will go against military regulation in order to do a favour for a friend. By transporting Hale into Grey Territory, a disallowed activity, Purvis was put into, what Major Richard Blake calls, the 'shit list', which meant that he had to do every detail his Commanding Officer told him to do.


Harley Purvis has dark brown skin, has even features and is long and lean. He always wears a New York Yankees baseball cap, a well worn leather jacket, and a pair of fleece lined boots.