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Hannah Shepherd was the wife of Jordan Adam Shepherd.


During her marriage, Hannah had a miscarriage with their first unborn baby which puts her in a state of depression. She was comforted by the couples' neighbor, who was mistakenly perceived by her husband to be having an affair with her, and he killed him in a fit of rage.

After Jordan joined the military and subsequently became Daedalus, Hannah remained unaware of her husband's transformation and made to believe he had died in combat due to the military's cover-up. She lived in Santa Barbara, California. In the late winter of 1951, Hannah was approached by Presidential Chief of Staff William Dentweiler who told her about Jordan's transformation and required her help in capturing her husband in Project Omega, as the Grace Administration believed that Jordan still possessed his humanity to those who are close to him, namely his wife. Hannah agreed and was flown to Sheridan, Wyoming where she was instead tortured via severe lashing in order to send a mental signal to her husband to rescue her so they could track and capture him. The plan succeeded when Daedalus ordered his Chimeran forces to procure Hannah, however unknown to him, a tracking device was hidden and attached to Hannah's hair.

Hannah was brought before her husband, though she doesn't feel any sense of fear or disgust but sympathy between her and Daedalus. Immediately afterwards, American forces stormed their location and captured Daedalus. Hannah was contained against her will by the military in order to be used as a hostage so Daedalus would cooperate with his captors in the project's negotiations.

Following the failure of Project Omega with President Noah Grace's death and Daedalus' escape, Hannah's fate remains unknown but she is presumed to have been released and to have remained silent of the events of Project Omega.