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The Hammer

The Hammer is a Chimeran mech that exclusively appears in Resistance: Retribution.

The Hammer is armed with a pulse fire machine gun and energy missiles. Unlike its mechanical counterparts such as the Stalker and Goliath, the Hammer is notable for having only been built with two legs for increased mobility. After the events of Retribution, it would appear that the Chimera stopped constructing these mechs, as they do not appear in Resistance 2.

Hammers can be found throughout the game, normally as boss fights. However, there are two occasions where the player can take control of a Hammer and utilizing its weapons to progress through a level - in "Scars run Deep" and "Retribution Lost".


  • Hammers have a weak spot on the back of their outer shell: a distinguished orange globe. The player can hit the Hammer anywhere, but this is the part of the machine that will cause the most damage.
  • The best strategy is to stay behind cover until the Hammer stops firing, then shoot it with the LAARK, Razor, or whatever choice the player has in mind. Another strategy is to use an Auger WS to fire away at it while behind cover.
  • Beware of both of the Hammer's weapon systems. The Hammer's turret can quickly deplete the player's health. It is almost impossible to strafe and avoid damage from the turret, so stay behind cover. The Hammer's energy cannon can be avoided if the player strafes or if he/she is behind cover.
  • If the player is caught within the blast radius of one of these missiles, he/she will lose one-quarter to more than three-quarters of health.
  • In one specific case, in the Waterfall Chamber in "Filling the void", the player may choose to use two separate levers to activate a particle beam that will temporarily stun the hammer if it's close enough to the beam's radius. The player is free to unleash any kind of fire once the Hammer is in this state. As a bonus, the player will receive a skill point for this feat.
  • Upon defeat, the Hammer will self-destruct, so it is not advised to be near the Hammer when it explodes.