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Sergeant Hamlin was a British soldier that participated in the defense of Manchester during the initial Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom.

Shortly prior to the Chimeran invasion, Sergeant Hamlin and his squad had been stationed in Manchester following the fall of mainland Europe. As Chimeran forces began invading Manchester, they deployed Stalkers who quickly downed all British aircraft within the county. As a result, Stalker units began targeting British ground forces.

During this time, Hamlin and his squad had been patrolling Manchester when they were ambushed by a Stalker. Unable to escape and with little heavy weaponry, Hamlin and his unit were forced to improvise, with Hamlin ordering his squad to distract the Chimeran anti-air walker while he quickly flanked it and concentrated his fire on its power core, destroying it.

With this knowledge, Hamlin quickly forwarded this information to all British forces who were able to take advantage of the Stalker's weakness. However, sometime after the battle, as Hamlin and his squad were once again patrolling Manchester, they were ambushed by Chimeran forces, who quickly cornered the Sergeant and his men near a playground, and killed them.

His corpse, alongside that of his squad was discovered by Sergeant Nathan Hale, who also recovered the Intel Document "Stalker Hunt".