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Hags are another product of a human woman infected by the Chimeran virus. This Chimeran form has a rather large head and a very durable skin. Hags can also float and fly, unlike their Boiler cousins. The Hag exclusively appears in Resistance: Retribution.


With most human male bodies running out and already-established Chimeran forces unable to handle the warmer climates of Africa, the Chimera instead opted to utilize the vast abundance of female bodies to create a newer variant of Chimera suited for the extreme temperatures of Africa. The resulting transformation created both the Hag and the Boilers. At least two known conversion facilities for this strain of Chimera included the ones in Bonn, Germany and the Chrysalis Lair in Paris, France.

Within these conversion centers, comatose women flow through the pipes, and it is stated that the women are injected and gassed, mostly whilst suffocating and submerged in water. Likely due to their longer transformation period unlike the Boiler strain, Hags have a noticeably larger heads, and are able to levitate and attack with psycho-kinetic attacks. These attacks not only harm the victim, but also leaves them vulnerable to other Chimeran forces. However, despite these advantages, Hags suffer the same weakness as Boilers, with their heads being particuparly vulnerable to gunfire, often exploding similarly to their other variant. British and Maquis marksmen have been given orders to target Hags from afar before they are able to launch their attacks on friendly troops.

During the events of Operation Overstrike, Hags are rarely seen throughout Western Europe. They are initially encountered by Maquis mercenary James Grayson in the conversion center of Bonn. By the time Allied forces begin their assault on Paris, Hags, like Boilers are equipped with armor plating, allowing them to survive more shots from human forces. With the success of Operation Overstrike, most conversion facilities creating Hags and Boilers have been destroyed, however, Chimeran forces begin consolidating their remaining Hag units and by 1952, they begin deploying them throughout Africa, allowing the main Chimeran forces to establish a foothold in the continent.

However, by 1953, most Hags have seemingly been phased out, with only Boilers have recieved a potential successor strain, the Leech seen in the American mainland combating SRPA military forces. While it is unknown why Boilers and Hags no longer appear, SRPA and Western Allied forces theorize that these variants had been exclusive to the European and African front.


  • Hags, like the Boilers, have an only vulnerable weak point in the head in order to kill it. Hags also deploy a temporarily force-field and is vulnerable to any attack.
  • Hags attack by launching a mental blast at the player. This attack causes splash damage and can take away health quickly.



  • It's name, Hag, is based on a wizened old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman, often found in folklore and childrens' tales such as "Hansel and Gretel". Also it is often seen as an malevolent deity.
  • This Chimera closely resembles the Boiler, but with a larger head.
  • According to a Resistance 2 co-op intel both Hags and Boilers can survive in intense heat.[1]