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Freedom First was an underground American resistance group that opposed the Chimera and the United States government under President Noah Grace. They first appeared in Resistance: The Gathering Storm.


The Freedom First mainly operated inside Gray territory, and has met with some success in their war against the Chimera, to the point of forcing the Chimera to more heavily fortify their positions. Freedom First was also dedicated to the removal of President Noah Grace, who branded Freedom First as being a greater menace than the Chimera.

Freedom First attempted to assassinate Grace in Denver, but only to be foiled by Sentinel Nathan Hale.

Known Members[]


  • Freedom First is very similar to the radical isolationist organization, the Alliance for American Autonomy, which opposed the Grace Administration. Though not outright stated in the novel, it seems that Freedom First is what remains of the AAA after the organization was hunted down by the Grace Administration.