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The Fragmentation Grenade or Frag Grenade is the standard human grenade. When playing as a human (single or multiplayer), the player will always spawn with one Frag Grenade.

Resistance: Fall of Man

The Frag Grenade is exceedingly powerful and can easily kill Hybrids and other low order Chimeran forces. A maximum of five Frag Grenades can be hold. It can be thrown extremely far, but also have a set detonation time. Hence, if thrown too far, the Grenade will explode mid-air and most likely cause minimal damage to an enemy.


The No 22 Fragmentation

Grenade is a standard issue
anti-personnel munition used
throughout the British armed
forces. The grenade has an
exposed fuse which releases
irritating smoke prior to
detonation. While not
hazardous in the quantities
produced, it does discourage
a target from picking it up and
throwing back the grenade.
The fragmentation grenade is
ideal for assaulting
entrenched enemy positions

or attacking around corners.


  • If three enemies were killed with a single grenade, the player earns the "In for a penny" skill point.

Resistance 2

The Resistance 2 Frag Grenade.

The Frag Grenade retains the same features and also be bounced off walls and other hard surfaces.


The No. 60 fragmentation grenade is the standard issue anti-personnel munition used by Sentinel teams, primarily due to its light weight and increased blast radius. A dual-plated shell allows the grenade to bounce off of hard surfaces without misfiring, thus making it one of the most dependable explosives in the U.S. military.

Resistance: Retribution

The Frag Grenade from Resistance: Retribution.

The Frag Grenade is modified and manufacture by the Maquis and lacks a timer based when it's thrown. Instead, the grenade immediately detonates when it hits the floor.

Resistance: Burning Skies

The Frag Grenade is the first grenade to be obtained in the single player campaign. It is aquired after saving a woman, who is trapped inside a office, by

The Frag Grenade from Resistance: Burning Skies.

breaking the door down with the Fire Axe. After rescuing the woman, a small box of grenades can be found down the hallway. Unlike previous Resistance games, the frag grenade is activated via the PlayStation Vita's touchscreen. The player can hold up to a maximum of 9 grenades.


  • The Fragmentation Grenade is a effective grenade against large group of enemies.


Thought you should know, I'm filling in for Larry. He

took a round in the head this morning. He nailed three
Chimera, but a whole bunch of the bastards rushed him,
and Larry didn't have no grenades.

So be sure to get yourself a whole lot of Mk 2
pineapples. And stockpile 'em too... The more the

It's true that Larry wasn't much of a poker player, but
he was a good man, and I miss him.

Never give up, and never give in.
- Frank

Tap the Grenade Icon to Quick Throw at the reticle, or
drag the Grenade Icon to your target and lift for
Targeted Throw.