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Ravagers eradicating feral Grims.

Feral Chimera are Chimera that are independent from the Chimeran hive mind and hostile against both militarized strains and humans. These feral Chimera appeared in the aftermath of the Chimeran War, and their existence that came to being seem to be either the Chimera have abandoned or lost control of several Chimeran strains.


Feral Chimera differ themselves from their military counterparts for being independent from the hive mind. They first appeared in the interim between 1953 and 1957, seemingly as a result of the Chimera abandoning the lesser strains over expired usefulness following their total conquest of Earth. Due to the multitude of environmental factors, several Chimeran strains have mutated to a point where they are free of the hive mind, and reverted to a wild, feral state.[1] Noticeably, feral Chimera are seen to be composed of the more bestial strains (i.e. Chimera that are not sophisticated to wield weapons).

As a result, feral Chimera are indiscriminately hostile to both military Chimera and humans, and have proven to be a challengeable threat; swarms of Grims and Leapers were able to overwhelm stronger strains such as Steelheads through numbers, and gigantic Widowmakers devouring Ravagers. This led to military Chimera conducting extermination campaigns on feral nests.[2]

Feral Chimera have been observed to have their own hierarchy, although less formal than that of military Chimera. Widowmakers have been observed to be able to summon groups of Leapers and oddly Grims as well. It is also notable that the feral strains (or at least the Leaper strain) have somehow mutated to breed in the wilds in stark contrast to the Chimera's replication through parasitism.[2]

Known Feral Strains[]

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