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The Executioner is a huge, bulky Chimeran strain that only appears in Resistance: Burning Skies.


The Executioners were a result of Project Phoenix testing. A rogue scientist named Richard Gorrell created them in an effort to turn the tide of the Chimeran War. It appears that the tests failed as several hostile Executioners roamed free in New York in 1951.


Executioners are bloated and enormous, with their head almost completely enveloped by their massive shoulders. They wear no armour, their bulky bodies apparently do the job of physical armour. They are slow and lumbering, unable to do much more than walking towards the player's position.

Their main feature is a massive, over-sized right arm mounting a giant cannon, which is both the creature's weapon and its weak point. Two glowing fins stick up near the muzzle of their weapon and needs to be destroyed, then the weapon itself can be targeted; like a Titan, an Executioner explodes into a pile of bloody gibs upon death.


  • The only known way to kill an Executioner is to shoot its arm mounted cannon until it explodes. The Bullseye's secondary fire is extremely useful. With the Bullseye, you can simply "tag" the Executioner's cannon. This will direct every shot to the Executioner's cannon.
  • The "Explosive Tag" Bullseye upgrade is very useful against the Executioner's cannon. After firing an entire clip into the Executioner's weak point, the Explosive Tag upgrade will cause the expiring tag to explode. This will deal more damage than the traditional homing tag.


A cannon with a body attached to it. That's the best

way to describe an Executioner. They're big, they're
ugly, and that arm cannon can blow your butt off. So if
you run into one be sure to take cover if you can.

But they do have weakness--and that's the cannon
itself. Aim for the gun, fire away, and don't let up until
it explodes.

Never give up, and never give in.

- Leroy F.