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Ellis Turner is a member of the Remnants and the group's pilot and mechanic for their VTOL.

Resistance 3

While under attack by the Chimera and their VTOL losing power in the process, Ellis was forced to make an emergency landing near a pub. There he, along with Glenda and Martin, were surrounded and under fire from Chimeran forces. Ellis attempted to call Charlie and the other Remnants for their help, only to learn that they were too occupied fighting against a Stalker. However, Ellis and the others were instead saved by Joseph Capelli. While the Glenda and Martin praised Capelli for his actions, Ellis was cautious and said that they needed to speak to Charlie before they could recruit him. After Capelli gained the Remnants' trust by acquiring a power core for the VTOL , Ellis pilots the repaired VTOL for Capelli and Doctor Malikov to be taken to New York City. On the way, however, they were attacked by a Chimeran Dropship, which forced Ellis to drop Capelli and Malikov in Mount Pleasant while being forced to turn back and head toward Baxter Springs, Kansas instead, to check up on Capelli's wife, Susan, and son, Jack.

Days later, after hearing Capelli radio broadcast, Ellis along with Charlie came to Capelli's rescue in New York and tried, and later helped Capelli and Charlie to board a Terraformer in order to crash into the city's Chimeran Tower to close the Wormhole. Ellis proved himself crucial in saving Capelli prior to the terraformer from crashing into the tower and flew back to Baxter Springs to reunite the Capellis. After the defeat of the Chimera, Ellis was seen having a friendly drink with Charlie.