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An Earth Mover in Gerolstein

An Earth Mover is a very large Chimeran vehicle that appears in Resistance: Retribution. The Earth Movers were used in Europe to crush and clear away land to make room for the vast construction yards in Gerolstein, Germany where a portion of the Chimeran fleet was being constructed. At least three are used in this area but it is possible that there were others in other construction yards.  

Major Cartwright and a British squadron managed to destroy two of these Earth Movers before they could crush the Maquis headquarters in Luxembourg. After Bravo Company was shot down, James Grayson managed to disable the third and final Earth Mover single-handedly. 

Earth Movers are very slow and are powered by five very powerful propulsion systems and an engine. It appears that to turn off an Earth Mover you must first turn the engines off, then the propulsion systems. James Grayson destroys the third Earth Mover just by pulling two switches which turn the propulsion systems off. Minutes later it explodes.