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The EMP grenade is a new type of grenade featured in Resistance 3. It is first found in the shooting range of the underground community in Haven. It is used for disabling Chimeran energy shields and Drones. Also the electro-magnetic pulses affect the cooling packs that are worn by Hybrids, causing them to explode and killing their users. It is also an essential weapon against Stalkers owing to the fact that the aforementioned machine is equipped with an energy-shield which must be disabled in order to neutralize the Stalker. Due to them being somewhat advanced, as compared to other grenades, they are much harder to find.


  • The EMP Grenade is a highly effective weapon against drones and the cooling apparatus on Hybrids.
  • The EMP Grenade can also disable force-fields, which are often emitted by Steelheads and Ravagers.
  • EMP Grenades can be rare to find in later chapters and should be preserved.


Lobs an energy-draining grenade that deactivates Chimeran energy shields and drones. Electro-magnetic pulses may also affect Hybrid cooling packs, causing them to explode.


  • The trophy "Electric Avenue" will be earned whether the player succeeds in taking down twenty-five drones with this grenade.
  • In addition, the trophy "Overload" will be rewarded by neutralizing twenty-five shields deployed by Steelheads.