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Sergeant Drake was a British soldier mentioned in the Intel Document "Surrounded".

Presumably stationed in Bracknell during the Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom, on March 15th, 1951 during a patrol, he and his squad discovered and followed a group of Cloven when they were ambushed by the Chimera. Quickly retreating, Drake, alongside an unnamed soldier were separated from the rest of the squad. Unable to contact for help, Drake and his subordinate eventually discovered the remains of their squad, having discovered them all dead.

Burying their dead, Drake and the soldier heard the Cloven laughing at the two men over the loss of their squad. Despite his subordinate's request to go after the Cloven, Drake quickly refused the request, noting that Cloven's numerical superiority. Two days later on March 17th, Drake and his subordinate realized that the Cloven were stalking them as they hastened their retreat back to base. A day later on March 18th, as both Drake his subordinate ran out of water and both men stopped for a break. Taking the only remaining compass between the two men, Drake set out to find some water on his own before continuing their trek back to base. However, during this time Drake was quickly ambushed by the Cloven that had been following the duo.

Having taken the only remaining compass between the two men, the other soldier was left on his own. Dehydrated and lost, the soldier was unable to retreat as he realized that the Cloven had now fully surrounded him. He was eventually killed shortly after, but not before describing in his writing that the Cloven's sounds around him were "getting louder".