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Dick was a prisoner convicted for theft and incarcerated in Graterford Prison.


Shortly after the Chimera overran the United States, Dick noticed that all the guards were leaving the prison; in which he then learned from a fellow inmate about what is happening outside.[1] Determined to escape, Dick made a lockpick improvised from his bed frame and opened his cell door. At this point Dick was uncertain in deciding to release all the prisoners or not; as some of them are "real bad guys," but decided he needed more people to help him fight if they are to survive.[2] Subsequently Dick released some of the prisoners, but also allowing them in freeing everyone. Of all the prisoners freed, one of them was Mick Cutler, who immediately took control over the prison.

Dick became acquainted with Cutler and suggested a plan to leave the prison; however, Mick reasoned with Dick that it's much safer inside the prison than outside. Dick was convinced on Mick's rationale after venturing to a nearby town that was devastated by the Chimera.[3] Thereafter, Dick was coerced by Cutler into joining the Wardens after being tempted in having access to food and water. Begrudgingly, Dick accepted as the prison was running out of supplies, and was aware that any argument with Cutler would end badly for him.[4] Under Mick's leadership Dick began to see the atrocities committed by Mick and his Wardens.

For an unprecedented length of time, Dick had grown very appalled of Mick's barbaric ways and eventually coming to the conclusion of killing Mick. However, many other people had attempted to kill Mick and only to be quickly outed and brutally dealt with. Dick carefully and patiently wait for the right moment.[5] However, Mick soon suspected Dick's treachery and kept him under watch by his Wardens. Dick soon decided to make his move on Mick and then planning to escape the prison, but knew his survival would be impossible.[6] Undoubtedly Dick failed in his attempt and was presumably killed.