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"He's mighty cranky this morning. Been that way since we ran outta bourbon. Man needs his bourbon."
―Lester informing Capelli about Dale's troubles[src]

Dale was the quartermaster in Haven, Oklahoma.


Sometime prior or during the Chimeran invasion of the United States, Dale had gained a proficiency with the multitude of weapons, both Chimeran and Human, this would prove in handy after the fall of the United States in late-1953.

Sometime prior to 1957, Dale had made his way into Haven, Oklahoma and served as the town's quartermaster, eventually garnering a reputation for his fondness of bourbon. Alongside the town's residents, Dale lived underground, and during this period, he created a firing range that allowed residents to train or otherwise, test experimental weapons provided to them by other traveling survivor groups. Amongst these weapons traded included a set of EMP grenades from a group living in Fort Lauderdale. The arrival of former Sentinel Joseph Capelli afforded Dale the opportunity to train the survivors even further thanks to his skills acquired in the army.

Prior to August 9th, Dale ran out of bourbon, with residents noting his crankier attitude. Additionally, Capelli had returned from a supply run, and damaged his Bullseye. Dale agreed to help fix it by the morning, working through the night to repair it.

On the morning of August 9th, 1957, Dale had finally finished fixing Capelli's Bullseye. During this time, several residents including Francis and Stanley arrived at the range to practice their skills with the HE. 44 Magnum. Capelli arrived minutes later, and was handed his Bullseye, his HE. 44 Magnum, and several of the EMP grenades collected previously. With residents gathering to watch Capelli train, an annoyed Dale told off several teens who critiqued the former Sentinel's abilities.

Mere minutes later, the power to the firing range was cut, as Susan Capelli burst into the room to alert the residents of the arrival of Chimeran Death Squads. Quickly gathering the residents to their assigned safe-zones, Dale separated from the group, grabbing a rifle and heading to the bowling alley to rendezvous with a nearby group. As the Chimeran Death Squads passed the building, fellow resident Nate accidentally tripped on a bottle, knocking it over. Despite his attempts to quieten the noise, the nearby patrol became aware of their position and quickly killed Nate, forcing the group to leave their compromised location and eliminate the Hybrids.

Shortly after the town residents eliminated the Hybrid patrol, a nearby Stalker who had been a part of the Death Squad appeared and despite Lester's warning, Dale had been standing near a car, and was subsequently blown up when the Stalker targeted him.

His death was avenged when Capelli was able to destroy the Stalker, utilizing the EMP grenades to disable the Chimeran machinery that Dale had given him. His corpse was presumably recovered by the town's residents and brought back underground.