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Cooperative Mode is a separate campaign mode in Resistance 2 which runs parallel to the single-player campaign.

The cooperative campaign supports up to eight players, taking the role of a Search and Recovery special forces group called Specter Team. Players are tasked with randomized objectives do operations, while defeating hordes of Chimera.


Each level has multiple zone which players will play three zones at a time. It is randomly selected for each mission's objectives. The strength of the enemy forces is altered based on the number of players and their skill levels. Player cooperation is important throughout the campaign as Chimera forces will overwhelm players very quickly.

Since the servers were shut down, the only way to play this mode is solo or with two player split-screen. Solo is possible, though extremely difficult and should only be attempted with a Medic seeing as they are the only class capable of regaining health on their own.

When playing two player split-screen, it is recommended to have one player use the Medic class whilst the only player uses the Special Ops class. This allows the team to regenerate health and ammunition so that they can stay in fighting shape. The soldier class is not very effective in two player mode because it is necessary to have a medic on the team and without a spec ops, the soldier cannot utilize his or her shield to its maximum effectiveness.

Game Modes[]

There are two difficulties in the campaign: Normal and Superhuman. Normal is the easier of the two difficulties with average enemy difficulty and challenge. A player who dies in Normal may respawn after a short timer expires or if an ally is able to revive them. Superhuman is not as kind. Enemies are more difficult, players take more damage, and a player may only respawn if an ally revives them. The added difficulty is rewarded with a higher gain of grey tech, though experience gain remains the same.

Player Classes[]

There are three classes to choose from:

Special Ops - has the lowest health of the group but for vital in resupplying the team with ammunition and grenades, and suitable for taking out enemies form afar with long-distance weapons, such as their default weapon the Marksman.

  • The Spec Ops' first berserk is Prototype Ammo, which completely fills every ammo type which is the same as dropping multiple ammo packs.
  • The second berserk unlocked by the Spec Ops is Invisibility, which makes enemy Hellfire turrets and other enemies not target him. However, you can still be killed (get stepped on by a walker, cross fire).
  • The Spec Op's final Berserk is Snake Eyes, which allows you to use a 1 shot Pulse cannon. However, this weapon is relatively weak and is rarely used online.

Soldiers - the "tanks" who endure the most damage and has the highest health, who sports their weapon the HVAP Wraith.

  • The soldier's first berserk is Ironheart, which reduces all in coming damage by 50%
  • His second berserk is Overload, which is a suicide bomb
  • His third berserk is Backlash, which immediately fills his shield capacity and supplies extra offense by using enemy weapons against them.

and Medics - who drain life from enemies with the XR-42 Phoenix and impart to teammates, and can quickly revive their teammates.

  • The medic's first berserk is Ring of Life, which can heal allies and substitute for his bioplasm shots.
  • His second berserk is Chloroform, which paralyzes any enemies the phoenix hits while active
  • His third berserk is Phoenix Ash, which causes the medic to revive themselves instantly

Each class can be leveled up (at the maximum of level of 30), and allowing players to gain access and upgrades to new combat accessories and skills such as larger ammunition clips, the ability to carry more grenades, and body armor. However, the equipment and upgrades can only be bought with Gray Techs that are collected in-game.


In the cooperative campaign there are a number of levels that can be played. When first starting, only the first level is playable. The other levels are locked and cannot be played until you have unlocked them by gathering a certain number of gray tech and completing a certain number of missions in the previous level.

  • The first level that is automatically unlocked at the start of the game is Chicago, which is easier than the later levels. Chicago does not contain much gray tech. You must complete this level at least 5 times to unlock Orick.
  • The second level in the cooperative campaign is Orick. These missions are a step up in difficulty and starts to use strong enemies such as Titans and Steelhead overseers more frequently. This level is the first to use Hellfire turrets. You must complete this level at least 5 times to unlock Axbridge.
  • The third level in the cooperative campaign is Axbridge. This level is the first of two levels set in England. This level only contains three zones so you will always have the same missions to complete, albeit in a different order. This level is the first to introduce allied soldiers. You must complete this level at least 3 times to unlock Bracknell.
  • The fourth level in the cooperative campaign is Bracknell. This level is the second of two levels set in England. This level takes place in underground tunnels. Hellfire turrets, Titans and Steelhead Overseers are all enemies that frequents this level. This level is the first to introduce a Marauder in the cooperative campaign. You must complete this level at least 3 times to unlock Bryce Canyon.
  • The fifth level in the cooperative campaign is Bryce Canyon. This is possibly the largest map in the cooperative campaign and features a ton of various zones. When playing this level it is possible to encounter a Marauder. This level must be completed successfully a total of ten times before unlocking the final level.
  • The sixth and final level in the cooperative campaign is Holar Tower.