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The interior of a conversion center in Grimsby.

Conversion centers are facilities widely used by the Chimera to speed up the process of converting Chimeran Virus-infected humans and possibly other creatures into Chimera. Conversion centers are equipped to handle possibly hundreds of soon-to-be Chimera.


A human being converted into a Hybrid in a conversion center.

The interior of a center is very much like an assembly line, with the newly created Chimera rapidly churned out. Infected victims are brought in by Carriers while any uninfected prisoners are kept in makeshift pens until Crawlers are dropped in to infect them. They are then given surgical implants, and placed into a network of tubes where the bodies undergo different stages of conversion. They are then wrapped in cocoons to accelerate the transformation process and turn into a different Chimeran creature depending on the strain of the virus. In the birthing chamber, the cocoons are opened and new creatures are born. In the case of Hybrids and most other Chimera, it is here that they are forcefully and surgically attached with cooling units.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Concept art of the interior of a conversion center

Following the failed aftermath of Operation Deliverance, the U.S. 1st Ranger Regiment were decimated from falling victims to Spire missiles and were transferred to the Grimsby conversion center, where Captain Rachel Parker was also imprisoned. Nathan Hale, though infected and semi-immune to the Chimeran Virus, was among those who were taken and managed to rescue Parker before escaping.

By the time of the Battle of London and the decimation of Chimeran forces on British soil, it can be assumed that all conversion centers throughout the United Kingdom fell into disuse.

Resistance: Burning Skies []

The conversion tower in the outskirts of Union City

Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez rode a Carrier to a Conversion Tower in the Appalachian Mountains, hoping to rescue any survivors, including Tom's family, as well as stop Richard Gorrell's plans. Tom, however, was forced to euthanize Natalie, who had already been infected and was now beyond rescue. Ellie managed to rescue Rachel Riley and a large group of uninfected survivors.

Tom tracked down Gorrell, who then attempted to gain control over an unfinished Leviathan. After failing to manipulate it, Gorrell fled and forcing Tom to battle the Leviathan. The battle destabilized the facility's reactor core, causing an unstable chain reaction which led to the facility's destruction before Tom escaped

Resistance: Retribution[]

The conversion center in Bonn

Concept art of the interior of the conversion center in Bonn

Following the Battle of London, conversion centers are still used by the Chimera. Yet the original centers are found abandoned and in the process of being dismantled by Chimeran Drones.[1] It is theorized that the raw materials taken from the old conversion centers were being reused in new conversion facilities inside in Chimeran Towers across Europe. These new conversion centers produced Boilers and Hags as part of the Chimera's new conversion process. Known facilities included are the Bonn facility and the Chrysalis Lair.

The Bonn facility appeared to have been constructed a long time ago and utilized water drained from the Rhine River to power the facility. This conversion facility was destroyed by James Grayson.

The Chrysalis Lair was a central hub for Carriers. During the final battle of Operation Overstrike, James Grayson infiltrated the "heart" of the Chrysalis Lair and injected Claude Bouchard's serum into it, allowing the contaminated fluid to be transferred from the Lair to all conversion facilities in Western Europe, grounding the conversion process to a halt and killing the Carrier strain - although temporarily prior to the Chimera's creation of the Spinner strain.

Resistance 2[]

By the events of Resistance 2, the Chimera did not need the conversion centers as much as before, with the new Spinner strains in creating new Chimeran strains more rapidly and quickly. Conversion centers were still used for advanced strains, but not used as much due to body shortages and the Carrier strain dying off. One such conversion center is seen in the Holar Tower and is also mentioned that the Chimera still use makeshift conversion centers in Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

Resistance 3[]

By 1957, the Chimera have completely abandoned their use of conversion centers, since all human survivors were inoculated with the Hale Vaccine and thus became immune to the Chimeran Virus. The Chimera now have new genocidal intentions, wiping out any remaining humans rather than capturing and infecting them.