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Commitment is the seventeenth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli arrives in New York, which is now covered in ice and snow due to the harsh weather. He briefly takes shelter in an radio broadcasting facility, where he broadcasts a message for his wife Susan, telling her that he made it to the city but his chances of destroying the tower are low without Dr. Malikov, yet he will still try. He tells Susan that he loves her and that he always loved their son before heading out to destroy the tower.

Journal Locations[]

  • They Are Coming: At very beginning of chapter, look left before dropping down.
  • Six Bullets: In the apartment building to the right after opening the door at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Bad Idea: Near the dead body when coming into the subway.


See Commitment/Transcript



  • This chapter takes places 6 years after the events of Resistance: Burning Skies.
  • The Pure Chimera can be found in a blue container when you enter the Chimera buildings.