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Com One was one of Major Richard Blake's advisors during the events of Resistance 2.

Serving alongside Com Two, Com One was stationed in SRPA 3, San Francisco during the Chimeran invasion of the United States. Shortly after the Kraken breach of Tac-Com, it was likely that he evacuated the room along with Blake and Com Two. With the destruction of SRPA 3, it was quite likely that similarly to Com Two, he was posted to the Liberty Defense Perimeter and continued serving Blake, providing assistance to SRPA forces including Echo Team. His assistance to SRPA ground forces proved invaluable during the Battles of Twin Falls, Chicago and Iceland. During the latter operation, as SRPA teams were being slaughtered, Com One desperately organized evacuations for stranded SRPA forces in enemy territory.

By the time Hale wakes up from his coma, Com One is still reporting to SRPA forces, having most likely escaped the destruction of the LDP to the Baton Rouge Protection Camp in Louisiana. During this time, Com One proved invaluable, and directed Lt. Hale and remaining SRPA military forces to investigate and locate the missing fission bomb and Major Blake's squad. Com One is last heard when he advises Lt. Hale that the bomb will detonate it four minutes.

It is unknown what happens to him shortly after the events of Resistance 2, however, it is quite likely that he was killed when the Baton Rouge Camp was eventually overrun.


  • The "Com" in his code name could stand for either Command or Communication, though Command seems the more probable word since he responds to it.
  • The Black Op that is seen boarding the VTOL with Fyodor Malikov in San Francisco is most probably Com One.