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Cody was a Wrangler that worked with Patrick Murphy and assisted Joseph Capelli and Alvin Locke through Kansas' Badlands. Cody met Capelli and Locke in Colby, Kansas on October 5th, 1953 after Murphy bought the pair's spare horse and then offered Capelli and Locke a chance to Hoxie, Kansas.

Afterwards Cody and Murphy, along with four fellow wranglers and their ten mules carrying eight hundred pounds of supplies left Colby with Capelli and Locke and ended up settling at a burnt out farmhouse. At that evening's campfire, Cody, under orders of his own or another, snuck out and searched Locke's bag where he found a large quantity of gold. Cody informed the other Wranglers and they then conspired to murder both Locke and Capelli for the money. However, on the morning of October 6th, an unsuspected pack of Grims came out from underneath the farmhouse and mauled Cody along with all of the other Wranglers.


  • Cody could have been an ex-soldier as Capelli overheard the wranglers chatting among themselves using phrases such as "roger that," "he's on the far side of the perimeter," and "what's for chow?". [1]


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