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The following is a list of the intel items related to the Cloven that can be found, and where, in Resistance: Retribution.


Rotterdam (Area 1)[]

Rotterdam (Area 2)[]

Rotterdam (Area 3)[]

Bonn (Area 1)[]

Bonn (Area 2)[]

Bonn (Area 3)[]

Bonn (Area 4)[]

Construction Zone (Area 2)[]

Construction Zone (Area 3)[]

Luxembourg (Area 1)[]

Luxembourg (Area 3)[]

Luxembourg (Area 4)[]

Paris (Area 1)[]

Paris (Area 2)[]

Paris (Area 3)[]

Paris (Area 4)[]

Chrysalis (Area 2)[]


The XR-004 Allure is unlocked when you have collected all the pieces in this set of intel.