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City of the Past is the sixth chapter of Resistance 3


Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov survives their encounter with the Goliaths and wash ashore in St. Louis. However, Malikov is injured and requires medical attention. Joseph takes Malikov to a coal tower for shelter, where they then witness a VTOL making an emergency landing in the middle of the city. Seeing that the VTOL's pilots may help them to fly them to New York.

Journal Locations[]

  • Staying Warm: Travelling through the trainyard to where there are haybales that lead to a platform across from you and a train with open doors that lead to another platform, jump across onto the platform and through the fence to the right to get it.
  • A Tragic Paradox: In the trainyard, go right, then run to the end till you see a ladder and climb it, cross the bridge and go right to the end where you will see it on another train at the tip.
  • VTOL Manual: Take the elevator into the coal tower of the train yard and just before you use the first zipline look around for a mattress. There should be the VTOL Manual journal lying on that mattress.
  • Gotta Get Out: After zip lining down, jump down into the hole where it is lying on a fallen down shelf.
  • Quarantine: After finding the room with the catwalk controls, its on the table in the next room.
  • Safety Violation: Before going through the metal pipe, jump left across the broken walkway to find it on the ground.
  • It's Just Me Now: After jumping down from the pipe and opening the door, go left to find it.
  • Girl's Best Friend: After obtaining the Deadeye rifle, near the window to the right.
  • Letter to Santa: When you reach the top floor of the apartment and got to fight all the Leapers, go to the open room to find it on the crouch.


See City of the Past/Transcript


  • Throughout the level there are Noah Grace re-election posters but the slogan underneath is Help Fight the Chimera threat, which would have been wrong because President Grace covered up the existence of the Chimera from the American public and pretended it was an influenza.