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The Chrysalis Lair was a large Chimeran conversion center that was located in Paris, France.

Drastically unlike any other conversion complex, the infrastructure of the Chrysalis Lair was completely fused with bio-organic materials, including sphincter-like doors, that are similar to the insides of a living organism. The facility composed a "Mother Chamber", where Chimera DNA are implanted into captured human subjects, before they are taken to other conversion facilities by Carriers. It is also where female human victims were taken and converted inside the "Birthing Chamber" where they are transformed into Hags.

Concept art of an interior passage in the Chrysalis Lair.

The Chrysalis Lair was the main target of Operation Overstrike, in which the Maquis intended on deploying a serum to the Mother Chamber that would eradicate the Carrier strain that frequently facilitate the Lair and grounding conversion centers to a halt. On September 6, 1951, Raine Bouchard was to carry out in infiltrating and contaminating the Chrysalis Lair, but only to succumbed to the Chimeran virus. However, James Grayson, provided with a duplicate sample of the serum, successfully contaminated the Mother Chamber. Thereafter, Grayson fought a mutated Bouchard, then known as The Chrysalis, on top of the Chrysalis Lair and finally killed her.