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Flag of the Republic of China.

China or the Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia and is one of the largest countries in the world. It borders Mongolia and Russia to the north, Afghanistan to the west, Korea and the Pacific Ocean to the east, and India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, and French Indochina to the south.


It was sometime during the Chimeran invasion of Europe, China was overrun by the Chimera when they apparently first invaded the northeast province city of Harbin.[1] The Chinese had first tried suppressing the invasion by firebombing several important cities and attempted to contact American military support, but were unsuccessful. Eventually the outside world soon lost communication with China afterward.[2] Prior to the events of Operation Overstrike, newspapers in England reported that the city of Nanjing was expected to fall after holding up against the Chimera.[3]


  • Given to the fact that the Resistance timeline is diverged from the real world, it is not given as to whether that either the Nationalists or the Communists rule China, or presumably neither faction ruled the nation. One of the reason given that Communism in China didn't gain momentum or any significance due to the fact that the Russian Tsarist government crushed the Russian Revolution making Communism hardly influence any significance to the world. Also since the communist party was never formed in China, it is presumably possible that the Nationalist Party gained a major force in establishing a permanent government, however it is unknown if China has been splintered into several warlord factions much like in the real world. But overall, China was not given any amount of information of its welfare in the Resistance universe.


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