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Chimeran Shuttle2.png

The Chimeran shuttle is a transportation aircraft. These vehicles are box-shaped, controlled via pilot-operated computers (the numerous blue screens with Chimeran controls underneath). Like the battleships of the Chimeran Fleet that have computerized controls and no surrounding windows, this feature can be attributed to a tactical choice; trading a cockpit, and the numerous visibility advantages that come with it, for computers, allowing the cockpit to be reinforced. This is an oddly defensive building strategy for the normally highly offensive Chimera. Like the rest of the Chimeran Fleet, the shuttle has no obvious propulsion mechanism, seemingly aesthetic attachments, and several lights.

Echo Team hijacked two of these shuttles during the events of Resistance 2: in Orick to infiltrate a Chimeran warship to destroy it from within before departing to Twin Falls, Idaho to stop the Chimeran fleet from breaching into the Liberty Defense Perimeter; however, Echo's shuttle was shot down by Stalkers, in which Echo was forced to parachute over Twin Falls while Nathan Hale pilot the aircraft to make an emergency crash landing into a nearby house. And during Operation Black Eden, Echo Team and X-Ray Squad again used a shuttle to board the Chimeran flagship over the Chicxulub Crater in order to detonate a fission bomb and wiping out the entire Chimeran fleet. Nathan Hale and Joseph Capelli escaped the flagship on a shuttle before the bomb detonated, in which their shuttle was caught in the electromagnetic blast and causing them to crash land.