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Chimeran Mines are anti-personnel mines, designed for use against humans. They are only featured in Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance: Retribution

The Chimeran Mine has many variations. The primary component is an artificial metal hole dug into the ground. This hole has motion sensors, so if an enemy moves too close, a small mine is released into the air, much like a Chimeran Hedgehog Grenade. However, the Chimera have seemed to abandon it's usage in favor of Drones. The mine variations are as followed:

Laser Mine[]

James Grayson shooting at a Laser Mine.

The Laser Mine is not so much of a mine as it is a small auto turret. It fires an extremely long laser bolt, thus its namesake. It first appears in Resistance: Fall of Man and is seen again in Resistance: Retribution.

Hedgehog Mine[]

The Hedgehog Mine, simply put, is a Hedgehog Grenade with a much shorter detonation delay. It appears in Resistance: Fall of Man. For some reason, the Chimera have decided to stop using these mines earlier than the other variants, as it does not make a reappearance in Resistance: Retribution.

Pulse Mine[]

James Grayson shooting at a Pulse Mine.

The Pulse Mine will either fly high releasing a horizontal shock wave to decapitate an intruder, or remain low to cut off the intruder's legs, making these the most dangerous mines encountered. It is first seen in Resistance: Fall of Man and reappears in Resistance: Retribution, except that the Chimera have redesigned the shock wave. It produces a spherical shock wave, but with a much shorter blast radius. The Cloven have created some of these mines to serve their own purposes. This mine was reverse engineered to create the Plasma Grenade.