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TANGIER, MOROCCO - Our military correspondents are reporting that the Chimera are
spreading across Africa at a staggering pace. The Chimera launched a series of initial
attacks via airships along the northern coasts on April 6th. At the time, military analysis
believed that Africa would prove too hot for the Chimera to survive beyond the coastal
regions. However, U.S. military intelligence is now reporting that the Chimera have
evolved newer strains of the hybrid virus along with more advanced heat radiation
implants that allow their troops to withstand much higher temperatures. Maquis
reports from Operation Overstrike in France, for example, report that "Boilers" and "Hags"
can withstand temperatures far excess of 120 Fahrenheit.

Once the Chimera established footholds along the coast they were able to quickly build
large quantities of infrastructure, including conversion centers, and factories for
producing drones, Stalkers and dropships. In the last few days the Chimera have
swept across Africa with truly unimaginable speed. According to British aerial
reconnaissance, enemy forces have already begun excavation of at least twenty-three
towers across the continent. Although their fuel reserves are dangerously low, the
British have used naval aircraft carriers to evacuate over 170,000 African civilians from
the Northern and Western coasts in the past twelve days.