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The Chimeran Fighter is an aircraft designed primarily for air-to-air combat against other aircraft. They have a compact design and are teardrop shaped with similar cockpit designs to Chimeran Dropships.


Resistance 2[]

Chimeran Fighters can first be seen in San Francisco, protecting the Chimeran Fleet and taking out military targets. They can also be seen protecting the Holar Tower.   

Resistance 3[]

Several Chimeran Fighters can be seen patroling around the Chimeran Tower in Chimera-occupied New York City.

Resistance (Comics)[]

Chimeran fighters during a one-sided dogfight as shown in Resistance #1.

Chimeran Fighters also make an appearance in the comics. They can be seen fighting against F-86 Sabres.


Chimeran Fighters appear to have been able to equip air-to-ground weaponry, as they performed a bombing run on the artillery gun in San Francisco. The rounds of the weapon also appear to have a residual flash, temporarily blinding Hale as they strike the gun. The weapon appears to be mounted on the under side of the craft. The fighters could easily take on modern day fighter planes, particularly the F-86 Sabre. Although more capable than their human-made counterparts, Chimeran pilots are referred to as "systematic" in their dog-fights, making them easily predictable.