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Chimeran Dropship concept art.

The Chimeran Dropship is an armed shuttle that provides transportation and limited levels of close air support for Chimeran ground troops. Dropships are equipped with advanced propulsion units allowing the craft to create a dramatic lift allowing them to be better armored than the human equivalent aircraft, such as the U/AV-17 Hawk.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Dropships are mostly seen tasked in deploying Chimeran reinforcements by landing and dropping box-shaped containers filled with troops at pivotal parts of the game, such as in Manchester where British forces were procuring a captured Angel. Each transport is capable of holding multiple Chimeran squads to ensure maximum tactical flexibility. These containers can also be dropped from low altitude directly into the combat zone for a speedy delivery of troops.


Chimeran Dropships, known as "buzzards", are armed shuttles and provide limited close air-support. Advanced propulsion units create dramatic lift allowing them to be better armored than equivalent human aircraft. Dropships bring Chimera troops into battle via external transport containers. Each transport holds multiple Chimeran squads for maximum tactical flexibility. The containers can be dropped from low altitude directly into battle.

Resistance 2[]

Dropships are seen mostly in the Co-op campaign. At times, they can be seen among the Chimeran fleet. The dropships have been radically redesigned since the first game and are seen without their transport containers.

Resistance: Retribution[]

Chimeran Dropship RR.png

Dropships are never seen dropping off units, but rather, for the first time, attack the player in semi-boss battles, requiring them to destroy the vessels.


  • Dropships can be destroyed easily with a L206 LAARK. But if the player have an Auger-FS, its shield can be used to reflect a dropship's missiles, allowing its projectiles to destroy the vessel in less than a minute.

Resistance 3[]

Dropships are relatively smaller, no more than 13m wide and 20m long (at the most extended points)[1], individually possessing four boosters and searchlights under its nose, and have a "horn" sound. The dropships are also capable of acting in a gunship support role, using strafing runs from its mounted guns in search and destroy operations in hunting down humans. In "The Plan", the Remnants, with help from Joseph Capelli, managed to brought down a dropship and salvage a fuel core from the vessel. Chimeran troops are deployed by jumping off the Dropship while it is in mid-air.


  • The Wildfire is the only recommended weapon that can destroy the dropship in The Hunt.
  • If a Dropship is onto you, it's recommended to find cover as soon as possible, as their plasma cannon can deplete your health quickly.

Enemy Journal[]

The Chimeran dropship is a flying transport used to deliver Chimeran ground troops
into battle. The outer shell is protected with thick armor that is impervious to most
attacks. A powerful plasma cannon, attached to the hull, is used to hunt and kill hostile

Resistance: Burning Skies[]

The first Dropship is seen in New York City after Tom Riley and Smitty escaped the power station.

Dropships are used to send Chimeran troops to the battlefield, but also for attacking civilians and U.S. soldiers. Some Dropships were shot down by F-86 Sabres and the U.S.S. Puerto Rico.


Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Resistance 3[]

Resistance: Burning Skies[]


  • Burning Skies uses the Resistance 3 design for dropships rather than the lobster-like original design, despite that Resistance 2, set after Burning Skies, still uses the original design.


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