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Chimeran Bats are bat-like creatures which usually appear in Chimeran structures or on buildings (as seen in New York City). They will fly away if the player gets to close to them or when the player shoots at them.


They have wings covering the majority of their bodies which is made up of a thin leathery skin, they have a short pointed tail. They have no eyes much like the Leech in Resistance 2 and have a wide mouth with razor-sharp canines and an anettene on their head.

They first appear in Resistance 3 in New York City. Chimeran Bats are always roosting on gates, structures or other places and they sometimes appear in groups. They will never attack the player but they can be killed.



  • Chimeran Bats are not mentioned throughout Resistance 3.
  • There is an unlockable video in the Extras menu in the shop called "Steve Ryder Concepts" which the bats are featured in.
  • They can not be seen trough the Auger's scope.
  • They are possibly Feral Chimera due to the fact that they are not used in combat on either the Military or Feral side, and are wild.
  • They do not have an official name much like Satan.
  • Chimeran Bats live in cold places.