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Hybrids, as seen in Resistance 3, the most commonly known Chimera.

The Chimera are an alien species and the main antagonists of the Resistance series. Hailing from an unknown planet, the Chimera previously inhabited Earth millions of years prior to humanity's existence, until they were forced to leave the planet following a conflict with another alien race. For reasons that remain unknown, the Chimera returned to Earth in the early 20th century and waged a genocidal war against humanity.



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Concept art of the Chimera's home planet.

The precise origins of the Chimera are unknown, but it is known that at least 60 million years ago their progenitors, referred to as the "Pure Chimera", had colonized Earth and established a foothold on the planet.[1] During this era, the Pure Chimera came into conflict with another alien race. It is unknown what the outcome of this war was, but archaeological evidences uncovered by SRPA scientists revealed that the damage dealt to the Chimera was highly devastating; the Chicxulub Crater was created as a result of the conflict, and the effects of the impact forced the Chimera to completely abandon Earth and burying traces of their presences for eons.[2][3][4] It is also strongly speculated by SRPA scientists that the cause of the Chimera's defeats laid at the hands of very advanced technological components known as "Grey Tech" that was used by their enemies to construct a powerful weapon that led to their absence from Earth.[5]


Over 60 million years later, the Chimera returned to Earth in the form of a virus-infused meteor which impacted in Siberia in 1908.[6] Evidence suggests that the Chimera had planned the attack on Earth since the time of their departure, as shown by the presence of the Chimeran Tower network that was found buried across the world.[4] Some towers even happened to be under major population centers, such as London, ParisChicago and New York. The reasons for their return to Earth, or even why such an advanced race chose a primitive way of invading, remains unknown. However, it is strongly speculated that this was an act of desperation and therefore implying that the Pure Chimera are in a very precarious state.[7]

From the moment of their arrival on Earth, the Chimera proceeded to infect and/or kill almost every living organism in Russia before making themselves known in 1927. Russia would be completely conquered by the Chimera by the late 1930s. Initially, knowledge of the Chimera's existence was completely unknown to the rest of the world due to Russia's strict isolationism. However, Western intelligence agencies soon became aware of the aliens following strange events transpiring in Russia, such as abnormally cold weather changes and completely abandoned towns, but erroneously believed the Chimera to be the byproduct of a Russian military experiment gone horribly wrong.

Chimeran War[]

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During the 1940s, the Chimera patiently amassed their forces before breaking through the Red Curtain and swiftly invading Europe on December 1949, beginning the Chimeran War. In a matter of weeks, continental Europe fell before the United Kingdom, the last European nation, was eventually invaded after the Chimera dug under the English Channel, easily overwhelming its defenders. Noted changes in the environment/climate of Britain and the excavation of many Chimeran towers by the Chimera happened shortly after their brutal takeover of the country. However, it was not until the intervention of the United States during the Battle of London in 1951 which resulted in the decimation of the Chimeran forces throughout the United Kingdom, and the knowledge of the Chimera's delicate hive-like connection to the Angels becoming a known weakness, that the tide slowly began to turn against the Chimera. The destruction of the Chimeran tower network in Britain marked a major victory for humanity, which eventually led to Western Europe's liberation during Operation Overstrike.

Despite these setbacks, the Chimera were quick to learn from their failures and made progressive changes in creating newer and stronger strains, and made use of their advanced technology to continue their onslaught on the western hemisphere. With the fall of the Angels, the Chimera came under the leadership of Daedalus, a former human known as Jordan Shepherd who was a severely mutated by-product of Project Abraham. It was under Daedalus that the Chimera were able to invade Canada, Africa, and South America within two years before setting their sight on the United States. The Chimera intended to activate the tower network across the planet, and sought to reach the inactive towers remaining in America.

Ultimately, the Chimera invaded the U.S. on May 15, 1953, deploying a large fleet of airships which totally decimated the country and its military within just over a month. By this time, the Chimera activated the tower network and channelled its energy towards the Chicxulub Crater, where the energy was being harnessed by the Chimeran fleet's flagship. SRPA attempted to stop Daedalus and the Chimera by destroying the fleet with a fission bomb. However, the detonation of the bomb only to inadvertently "kick-start" the tower network, causing a large energy surge that opened a wormhole in the Earth's atmosphere. This wormhole led to the home world of the Chimera.

Occupation of Earth[]

By 1957, the Chimera had taken total control over Earth. As a result, the Chimera had forgone the need to capture and convert human beings (possibly due to the Hale vaccine which canceled the effects of the Chimeran virus, and that the majority of Earth's human population are either infected or killed) and subsequently began an extermination campaign to wipe out what remained of the human race, and with the goal of terraforming Earth into a frozen wasteland using massive orbital weapons known as Terraformers.[8][9] The wormhole above the New York City Chimeran Tower would then be used for its sole purpose: to transport countless numbers of Pure Chimera from their home world to Earth.[10]

In between 1953 and 1957, the Chimera have, for unknown reasons, removed some lesser Chimeran strains, such as Grims and Leapers, from the Chimeran military structure, consequently resulting in them becoming 'feral' and hostile to their own kind. A possible explanation for the hostilities between military Chimera and the feral strains can be identified as an issue of expired usefulness for the latter. Though it remains unknown how far this purging would have extended. It is possible that once the Pure Chimera retook and resettled the Earth, other strains would face elimination for the same reasons. This reinforces the image that the impure strains of Chimera were simply a means to an end, paving the way for the domination of the Pure Chimeran race.


By August 1957, the Chimera were dealt a sudden and devastating blow when former Sentinel, Joseph Capelli, launched a desperate attack that destroyed the New York Tower by colliding a Terraformer into the tower, completely sealing the wormhole and ending the Chimera's terraforming process, along with restoring Earth's climate. The attack on the New York Tower appeared to be humanity's own turning point as temperatures changed rapidly on the Eastern Coast of the United States just as human resistance groups across the planet were reporting their successes against the Chimera, who appeared to be at a severe incohesive state, presumably from losing their hive mind connection with the Pure Chimera. Over time, the Chimera on Earth are gradually exterminated by the human survivors and Earth is returned to the human race.


A Marauder, one of the many varying strains of the Chimera species

Physical traits[]

The Chimera encountered on Earth are not the natural or "Pure" form of the species, being parasitic organisms created through the fusion of human, animal and Chimera DNA by a virus-like bioweapon. The common physical characteristics of the various forms of Chimera mutants are two to six golden eyes and grayish-green skin. Their metabolism is approximately twelve times that of a normal human being, granting them extraordinary cellular regeneration abilities, enhanced speed and strength.[11][12][9] However, the side effect of this trait is that their bodies tend to generate large amounts of heat, which can literally cook them from the inside out.[13] In order to counteract this effect and ensure their survival, Chimeran soldiers have artificial cooling devices implanted on their backs to regulate their circulatory system. Moreover, the regeneration ability is somewhat limited and can only save them from minor injuries, as opposed to critical injuries (headshot or organ damage). Since 1951, under Daedalus' command the Chimera have created strains capable of surviving warm climates, eliminating the need for artificial cooling devices.[14]

Both the "Pure" Chimera and their mutant strains tend to thrive in very cold temperatures, and there have been successful attempts by the Chimera to alter the Earth's climate to suit their needs. As a direct result, temperatures in certain locations such as London under Chimeran occupation have been reduced to sub-zero temperatures, resulting in those areas being frozen.

The genetic make-up of the Chimeran virus appears to have been specifically designed to attack and modify human genes, suggesting that there is something more to the Chimera than is already known.[15] It is noted that all Chimeran strains are apparently male until the events of Resistance: Retribution, it revealed that infected female humans were kept in storage and be used for converting into newer and exclusively female strains, such as Boilers and Hags.[16]


The Chimera reproduce or replicate through parasitism, converting other species into various Chimeran strains via infection by the Chimeran virus transmitted by Crawlers and Spinners. The conversion process, which normally goes very slowly, is artificially accelerated through conversion centers.

Following their defeat in Britain, the Chimera only use conversion centers to create their more advanced strains, and they appear to now be located within Chimeran Towers and warships of the Chimeran Fleet, instead of being in separate buildings altogether. Most of the general population of areas they take over are now converted into Grims by Spinners unless there is a need for other strains. Captured soldiers appear to be taken to these conversion centers, presumably they are more battle-hardened than most noncombatant humans are.

By 1957, while the Chimera have abandoned their conversion of humans, the Feral Chimera have somehow mutated to breed in the wilds.[17]


The intellect of the average Chimeran troop appears to be very limited, with only the Angel caste (and later Daedalus) having advanced thought. However, SRPA had discovered that the Hybrid strains and their offshoots may in fact retain vestigial memories of their previous life as SRPA researchers had found random objects that came with Chimera that were killed in battle such as soap bars and toys, rather than a sort of magpie reflex.[18]

Normal military Chimera are fully capable of military thought and comprehension, as shown by the Primarch and Overseer system. It has been stated, however, that their knowledge of anything else is very limited.

Feral Chimera are clearly capable of basic thought needed to survive without any form of outside nurturing or supervision, such as nourishment, reproduction and possibly self-preservation. They also seem to live in packs as opposed to being territorial and are highly aggressive towards humans and military Chimera.


Little is known of the culture of the Chimera, but it is, in combat situations at least, known to be brutal, with intelligence reports stating that Chimera will often cannibalize their own kind, usually wounded or dead, and are known to eat human beings as well.


The Chimera are driven by a hive mind and are led by a leadership caste in which they are described as being part of a "great whole"; in which lesser units serve the larger ones.[19][20] Among the various Chimeran strains, each served their specific roles in combat. Such as Hybrids being the most predominant form of infantry and Menials serving as base and facility personnel. Among some are made specifically in siege warfare and others, in higher roles in the Chimeran hierarchy, skilled in leadership. Also, certain Chimeran strains seem to be phased out by newer, more effective strains extraordinarily fast.

Initially, the Chimera were commanded and directed by the Angel strain, which they possessed a powerful telepathic link to all Chimeran soldiers. This gives an impression of a hive-like mentality among the Chimera. Should an Angel died and depriving the Chimera of their link, the Chimera under that Angel's control rapidly begin to die off in a matter of days, or even minutes.[21] To prevent this, the Angels were protected and stationed in Chimeran Towers. However, humanity's discovery of the Chimera's hive mind leadership led to the destruction of the tower network in Western Europe and causing the deaths of the Angels and weakening the Chimera's hold over the continent.

Daedalus later replaced or limited the Angel strain, deeming them to be too inefficient to be of great use to the Chimera anymore. Instead, he instituted a new leadership caste of Chimera, which include Primarchs and Overseers as the main leaders of the Chimeran forces. A Primarch usually has control over 30 to 40 lower ranking Chimera, and Overseers normally control about 12 Primarchs, making for a much more efficient leadership system. This makes it much harder for the Chimera to be stopped, compared to the original method where complete power was vested into an Angel.[22]


The Chimeran language has a twenty-nine symbol alphabet. This was discovered by Dr. Malikov in his research at Bryce Canyon, in which he stated that it would take 5.8 billion years to try each combination. Almost every piece of Chimeran machinery and technology is accessible through the use of Chimeran symbols. In Bryce Canyon, for example, a unique eleven symbol combination is used to lock or open Chimeran doors.

Chimeran symbols in the Terraformer.

These symbols appear on multiple Malikov Journals, in Resistance 3. In-game, they can be seen on a Chimeran terminal inside the Terraformer.


On Chimeran vehicles, weapons, buildings, and ships, there are usually three bright lights arranged in a triangle which appear to be completely aesthetic in nature. Additionally, there is often a curious mix of lights, grating, and solid metal where simple plates of metal would do. It is unknown whether these attachments serve a purpose.


Chimeran technology is far superior to human technology. These include the knowledge to manufacture and field robotic A.I. Drones, nuclear power, and weather-changing technology.

Chimeran weapons are capable of doing things no contemporary human weapon could ever do, such as ammunition homing in on enemies, or tunneling through walls.

Chimeran vehicles are powerful and outfitted with deadly weaponry. The Stalker, for example, is shielded in armor that most human weapons cannot penetrate, and comes with anti-aircraft batteries. The Chimeran Goliaths can fire shock mortars and Spire missiles directly into hostile territory, and their enormous size also serves a major negative psychological role to the Chimera's enemies on the battlefield.


Concept Art[]

Resistance: Retribution[]

Resistance 2[]


  • The Chimera come from an idea in Insomniac Games's cancelled game I-5/Girl With A Stick of a fantasy race named 'the Celestials' that imposed their architecture and style onto the I-5 work and their structures were dark and shiny and described as being 'chitinous'.
  • The Chimera are variously referred to as the "Deathless Plague" or "Demoni" by the Italians, the "Angry Night" by the Russians/Cloven and derogatorily "Gorillas" and "Stinks" by British and American soldiers in Resistance: Retribution and The Gathering Storm, respectively.
  • In some languages the word "Chimera" is different according to regional release. In Italian it is "La Chimera", in French it is "Chimères", in German it is "Die Bestien" and in Spanish it is "La Quimera".
  • The Chimera are named after the Greek mythological creature of the same name in which it was a fire-breathing monster, usually represented as a composite of a lion, goat and serpent. The aliens are also likely named after genetic chimerism, an organism consisting of at least two genetically different kind of tissue, as a result of mutation, grafting etc.
  • Originally Resistance: Fall of Man was supposed to be set in an alternate World War I and the game's primary enemy was Imperial Germany rather than the Chimera.[23][24]